30 Day return policy

In addition to your legal right of withdrawal within 14 days, we grant you a voluntary right of return within 30 days. All following points refer to this right, returns according to the legal right of withdrawal are not affected.

We want you to be happy with our products and that you use them as much as possible. But sometimes, the articles that you ordered turn out to be different than you initially imagined. No problem, with our extended returns policy you can also return an article. If you should not be satisfied, you can send the article back to us. Find all details about the return policy in our T&C.

Reasons for returning an article

Regardless of the reason why you are returning an article, you would help us in processing your request by including a written statement on the reason why you are sending back your article. Would you like to

  • Return an article to receive a refund?
  • Exchange a wrong article for the right one?
  • Have a broken article repaired?
    In that case, please describe the error in as much detail as possible.


As soon we have received your return shipment and it has been inspected, you will receive a refund memo via email. The amount will be refunded in the same way you have used to pay us, this means:

  • In case of prepayment, we will transfer it to the same account from which the original transfer has been made.
  • In case of PayPal the refund will go to your PayPal account.
  • In case of COD will transfer the refund to the account named by you.

We will reimburse you within couple days from the day we received the returned merchandise. If you have any questions about returns you can always contact us by email under support@bikelix.com.

Exchange one article for another

Please inform us via support@bikelix.com or by phone about the desired exchange. We will contact you immediately to discuss details with you.

Sending back an article on a pallet

You can also send back articles delivered on pallets – like cargo bikes for example. Please give us a call, so we can organise when to pick up the pallet: +46-8-5591-9003.

Sending back an article in a parcel

Please Note: The following steps are only necessary if you wish to return a parcel via a return label. The use of a return label is in no way mandatory to execute your legal right of return.

If you wish to return an article, request a return form (return label) and send it back to us. How does a cost-free return work?

  1. Fill out and print
    The return form (return label) is provided by the logistic company on their return portal. Please fill out the requested sections, open the provided PDF and print it.
  2. Packaging
    Best way is to re-use the original packaging or the supplied box (tool rental) to ship the article in order to prevent damage while shipping. Remove all old address label and attach the return label.
  3. Cut out
    Please separate the return form (return label) from the receipt along the dedicated line. Take the receipt to your local post office.
  4. Attach
    Now attach the return form (return label) onto the parcel where it must be clearly visible.
  5. Send-off
    Drop the parcel at your local post office and keep the confirmation.