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Multiple award-winning brand

Smart, fair, and customized bikes that combine pioneering technologies with thoughtful design and innovative features, Urwahn is taking urban mobility to a new level.

Powered by German 3D-printing

The first bicycle company to make 3D-printing series production an everyday reality. All models are holistic, unique, and wholly manufactured in Germany.

Refined elements for a refined experience

Powerful propulsion, precise maneuverability, integrated LED light and GPS system, theft protection, electrical endurance, and much more.

Eco-friendly without sacrificing quality

Featuring a fully sustainable steel frame that combines safety and aesthetics, built using short production and logistics routes to reduce CO2 emissions.

Features, Benefits, Details

What you can expect from your bike

A rider-oriented bicycle with lightweight construction and smart technical solutions for the ultimate riding experience and profound environmental awareness. Your Urwahn bike:

  • is DIN ISO certified, thoroughly tested, and multiply awarded
  • comes with a steel frame with integrated cable routing
  • is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes with a flat-mount system
  • guarantees maximum visibility in urban settings
  • can be enhanced with a variety of cool and super-functional accessories


In a world where manufacturers prefer to produce globally on a mass scale, the passionate cyclists who created Urwahn chose to break with tradition – only to bring other cyclists something new, something different, something perfect.

Urwahn’s journey started in 2013 and went through ideation, research and development, prototypes, certification, and production phases. Along the way, the company grabbed multiple awards for product design as well as environmental consciousness. Today, Urwahn boasts a multi-disciplinary team with a flat hierarchy and an atmosphere of creativity and innovative potential.

The name Urwahn is composed of “URban” and “WAHNsinnig” – the German word for “crazy, insane, lunatic,” proving that the Urwahn team isn’t afraid to bring unique ideas to life to break new ground in the urban mobility realm.