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Discover the lightness of trekking with the Coboc Ten Iseo. The weight of a bicycle with the power of an e-bike. Available in four frame sizes. Two colours are available; Rooftop Red and Emerald Grey.

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Model Year: 2022

Electrifying your adventure.

Coboc Ten Iseo. Discover the lightness of trekking. The weight of a bicycle with the power of an e-bike. Electrified adventure.

The best. For everyone.

Mixed Wheelsize Concept
The Iseo is available in four frame sizes. For better ergonomics, sizes S and M come with 27.5″ wheels, L and XL with 28″ wheels.

The little things make the difference
The angled top tube of the size S frame provides additional standover height.

Brings color into play
Two colours are available for the Iseo: Rooftop Red and Emerald Grey.

What? This is an e-bike?

Yeah, and it only weighs 18 kilograms. So you can ride it easily without assistance.

How do you manage that?

Coboc doesn’t just buy some kind of drive system and build it into the bike. We develop our e-bikes holistically, and that includes the drive: our Coboc Electric Drive. Integration and lightweight construction make our Slim E-Bikes possible.

But a large battery doesn’t fit in there?

Wrong! In our slim down tube we have a full 380 Wh battery capacity due to the compact design. These will take you 75 to 110 kilometers. Of course the range depends on many factors.

Coboc Ten Iseo Product 19

Suspension fork
The suspension fork from RST with 60 millimeter of travel guarantees a comfortable and safe ride, even off-road.

Coboc bag holder
The self-developed Coboc bag holder adapts beautifully to the line of the rear wheel. Quickly and easily, all panniers from the most popular manufacturers can be attached.

Reliable and StVZO-approved: at the front, 750 lumens from Litemove light the way. At the rear, the Coboc light integrated into the seat tube ensures more than enough visibility.

Product line TEN

sporty | versatile | trailblazing

Move the boundaries in your head and on the map. No need to stop where the tarmac ends. Equipped with eleven gears, lighting system, wide tires, dropbars and optionally with mudguards and rack, the TEN product line balances between a comfortable everyday bike and a sporty gravel bike.

Coboc TEN Iseo

FRAMEaluminium 6000
COLOURemerald grey, rooftop red
SIZESM: height from 168 cm up to 180 cm
L: height 178 cm up to 190 cm
XL: height from 188 cm up to 200 cm
BATTERYli-Ion, 36V, 380 Wh
RANGE70-110 km / 45-68 miles
ELECTRIC DRIVE250 W / 500 W peak
BRAKESTRP C 2.3, 160 mm
hydr. disc brake
TAILLIGHTCoboc Design, LED, frame integrated
SADDLESelle Royal Essenza Athletic+
RACKCoboc Integrated Sidebag System
MUDGUARDCurana C-Lite, 55 mm
TIRESSchwalbe Hurricane Performance
Size S/M: 50-584 / Size L/XL: 50-622
PEDALSCoboc URB, CNC Aluminium
BELLCoboc Cobell
WEIGHT17.5 kg (650b) / 18 kg (700b)


Coboc E-Drive

Every Coboc Bike adapts perfectly to its rider and the conditions. The signals from the sensitive torque sensor are translated by our specially developed algorithms so that the drive always provides exactly the right support. Automatic, intuitive and stepless. The result of this intelligent drive: a completely natural riding feeling – like riding a bicycle, only with support.

Smart connectivity throughout the Coboc fleet
  • Five wins

No confusing display, only five LEDs, which show you the charge status of the battery at any time clearly visible. Light signals show actions such as switching on and off or selecting the driving mode.

  • Always further

Low weight equals low range? Not with Coboc. Our battery pack with 352 Wh integrated in the down tube takes you 70 km to 100 km, depending on topography and driving style. Our sophisticated battery management system makes sure of this.

  • One button for everything

You won’t find a complicated control unit on Coboc bikes. With a single button under the LEDs, the Electric Drive can be switched on and off, the driving profile can be changed and the lighting system can be operated.

  • Your Coboc, your driving style

More support when starting up? A little less at the top? With the Coboc App the Electric Drive can be perfectly adapted to your individual needs. These can be stored in two different driving profiles.

  • Loading made easy

The practical magnetic plug finds its way into the charging socket as if by magic. The charger is included with every Coboc Bike and works at any socket. No more tedious handling with an external battery and the battery is charged after only two hours.

  • Targeted and informative

If you mount your smartphone to the stem or handlebar, the Coboc App becomes a navigation system. It also displays other useful information such as speed, range, engine power and battery temperature.

If you’re looking for a minimalist design with superior “Made in Germany” e-bike technology, you’re on the right urban racetrack with Coboc, and you can look forward to cycling fun and well-designed comfort in their purest form.

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XL, L, M, S


Smaragdgrå, Takröd

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