Urwahn Stadtfuchs


The innovative steel frame of the Urwahn Stadtfuchs is made for every imaginable urban situation and blends ergonomic design, functionality and safety into it.

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The Urban Commuter

The Urwahn Stadtfuchs is made for rigorous daily use in your city, this sophisticated all-rounder makes your perfect associate to take on all obstacles of the urban jungle for every distance ahead of you.

The innovative steel frame of the Stadtfuchs is made for every imaginable situation in urban traffic and blends ergonomic design, functionality and safety into it. The result is a novelty, the elastic rear-suspension enables the bike to dampen any bumps benefiting your riding comfort. The seamlessly integrated LED system is powered by a plug-less hub dynamo, which illuminates your way any time and comes along with an integrated GPS tracking system. Read more about Urwahn.

Urwahn Stadtfuchs Concrete Grey Lifestyle 8

Urwahn Value Added

German Quality
The bike production is regionally oriented and Urwahn only works with selected industrial and cooperation partners who are committed to quality products and innovative manufacturing techniques.

Production On Par
The guiding principles form the basis for a sustainable and high-tech network of strong partners. Short communication and transport routes, state-of-the-art manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and trust in the opinions of partners lead to close cooperation at eye level.

Fair and Transparent
The focus on people is not only during development. Through the regional anchoring of the production process a profound transparency is created, characterized by a fair wage policy and appropriate working conditions towards all actors involved in development and production.

Sustainable Value Creation
With the company’s “FAIR FRAME” rating they want to sensitize people for fair manufactured and traded products. The steel frame proves to be a venerable pioneer. Produced as a whole in Germany, it is subject to a sustainable materials policy. The use of steel, the original material, promotes material recycling. Compared to carbon and aluminium, steel is much easier to process, repair and recycle. Accompanied by short production and logistics routes, CO2 emissions can also be drastically reduced to the benefit of the environment.

Urwahn Fair Frame

Urwahn Stadtfuchs

integrated belt port
integrated flat mount
internal cable routing
FORKUrwahn CT1-FK1
flat mounts
internal cable routing
self-contacting dropouts
HEADSETAcros AIX-333 R5 Fiber
fully integrated
internal cable routing
flat mount
160 mm
GPS TRACKINGIntegrated GPS tracking module
COLOURconcrete gray, asphalt black, oxide red, golden yellow, cobalt blue


Urwahn Stadtfuchs Frame Geometry


*All dimensions are in millimeter.
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Urwahn Hexlox Komponent Säkerhetsset

Secure your bike with the Urwahn Hexlox Component Safety Set. Hexlox makes it almost impossible for bike thieves to remove the beloved components off your Urwahn bike.

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Urwahn Lowrider Pakethållare

For the rides with large excess baggage you can attach the Urwahn Low Rider Carrier to the fork eyelets of your Urwahn Bike. Mounted on the fork, you have a stable support for panniers with a maximum load of 10 kg.

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Urwahn Stänkskärmar

The shapely Urwahn fender set protects you completely against wetness and dirt splashes when you are hunting in bad weather through urban areas.

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Hiplok Gold

The Hiplok Gold won’t let you down, when it comes to combining security, usability and style. Its patented, belt-like buckle will let you carry it round your waist, without locking it, which makes it a safe way of transporting your lock.

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Urwahn Parax Väggmontering UW Upplaga

This elegant bike rack is manufactured in Germany and is made of high-grade, anodized aluminium. To spare your bike from ugly scratches and to keep it in position, the edges are sealed with nonslip silicon.

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Urwahn Multiverktyg

With the Urwahn Multi Tool you can carry out every small repair on your Urwahn bike. Thanks to its compact design, this all-purpose weapon can be carried effortlessly in your trouser pocket and also contains a variety of different tools.

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Abus Bordo Granit 6500 XPLus Black Edition

The Abus Bordo Granit 6500 XPLust is the ideal protection for your bike. With 5.5 mm thick bars and saw protection at the joints, the folding lock is especially recommended for securing high-quality bikes.

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Tex-Lock Eyelet Urwahn Edition

The Tex-lock Eyelet, in size M is a real all-rounder and flatters your Urwahn bike with a high-quality textile surface. Annoying scratches in the paintwork are now a thing of the past.

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Urwahn Pedaler

The Urwahn Urban Pedal Set, made of high-quality aluminium with CrMo full axle, reinforce the impression of discreet, precisely dimensioned pedals for everyday use in the urban jungle.

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